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Thursday Night - Club Night

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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

NZDC Auckland Open

Sunday News 3s

Sunday, August 24, 2014

RESULTS - Club Night Thursday 21st August

Club night saw 24 players enter the singles event. Mike Day powered back to his best beating the super consistent club night player of 2014 Mick Lacey in the quarters and one of the few players with a nickname, Steve Hanley (otherwise known as "The Pirate") in the final.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

RESULTS - Club Nights Thursday 7th and 14th August

Bit behind with posting these for one reason or another...

Club Night Thursday 7th August
No results sheet received (lot of people at NZDC Nationals in Rotorua) but Stephen "Cha Wee Wee" Holt did let me know that Blair Neverman beat Nathan Holt in the Final. Well done Blair, I could see a win has been coming for some weeks now !

Club Night Thursday 14th August
Yet another win for Mick Lacey ! Well done to youth players Charles Shiers who made the final and Nathan Holt who made the semis after his appearance in the final last week.

SuperLeague Darts - Radio Hauraki v Radio Sport...

Two of the SuperLeague Darts main sponsors, Radio Hauraki and Radio Sport battled it out against each other as part of the build up to the main events in September and this is the video clip. Its easy this darts isn't it...  ;)

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Phil Taylor to come to NZ ! ! !

Phil Taylor to come to NZ !!!... Invercargill to be exact, of all places. A great opportunity to see a massive legend of Darts right here. Hope there are enough motels and hotels in Invercargill to cope with the influx of Aucklanders who have never been past the Bombay Hills before who might be making the trip.

Read the full story here at Times

SuperLeague Darts...?

Not 100% sure who the SuperLeague Darts is being run under but it looks like it is being privately run by 265 Events Ltd? There is money to be made on the back of the PDC/SKY TV popularity and maybe they are cashing in on it? There is no indication SuperLeague Darts is sanctioned by DPNZ or NZDC. If it isn't sanctioned by either, didn't DPNZ or NZDC see this coming? Are we witnessing a break-away from the established Darts organisations in NZ. Is this the berth of of a new PDC style organisation within NZ with players going off and being part of running their own events? I know DPNZ is aligned with the PDC and NZDC is aligned with the BDO but are they in both in danger of fighting over who runs amateur darts in NZ while somebody else gets the drop on running semi-professional darts in NZ? What was the criteria for the selected players in the SuperLeague Darts? Was it based on any rankings?

I am deliberately asking questions here because there will be some people in the know and a lot who aren't. Those who aren't in the know have got to be curious about what's taking place here... aren't you? Do you even know how darts is structured in NZ and what events are run by which organisation, DPNZ or NZDC or CNZDA? Maybe the overall picture is clear for some, but for me it all seems a bit cloudy...

By the way don't shoot me I'm only the piano player - I don't write the songs ;)

Friday, August 8, 2014

RESULTS NZDC Nationals in Rotorua

West City's Mike Day triumphs in the John McCormick Memorial Men's Singles...

Thursday, August 7, 2014

PDC style Darts is here in NZ...

Three cities, Three tournaments, Eight finely tuned athletes, Fifteen hundred fans ready to party, welcome to Super League Darts New Zealand...

Monday, August 4, 2014

RESULTS - NZDC National 2014 - Rotorua

I'm not actually at the NZDC Nationals but I will post some headline results if I get them. Here is one result I received:

Sunday, August 3, 2014


I was just about to throw a dart on Thursday Night Club Singles when BOOM! I span around and there right behind me flat out on the floor was Pat O'Connell. Most everybody else was looking to see what had happened. Had he collapsed, had he feinted?

Pat let out a bit of a groan. I said "are you okay Pat?" as I bent down to give him a hand. Being the tuff old bugger that he is Pat quickly bounced back up to his feet not wanting anybody to make too much of a fuss. Thank goodness he had only tripped over somebody else's foot and gone spread eagled. But it was a dive that would have made even Arjen Robben of the Netherlands World Cup football team proud. Apart from a little bit of embarrassment "Pat O" was okay.

Pat is another of the club's volunteers behind the scenes being the 180 Controller. He meticulously keeps the 180 stats and organises the badges and everything else to do with the 180s. Pat is another person who does what he does because he loves darts, tries as hard as he can every time he plays and deserves recognition for what he does making Pat O'Connell this weeks 'Star Player of the Week'

Saturday, August 2, 2014

RESULTS - Club Night Singles Thursday 31st July

Mick Lacey ran out the winner again in the Thursday Night Club Singles. A different finalist opponenet for Mick tonight in the form of Steve Hanley who played well all night and stretched Mick in the final eventually going down 1-2. Well done again Mick !

Special mention this week to youth player Jack Mitchell who hit 3 x 180s, one more than Mick. At the moment Mick and Jack seem to be somewhat dominating the headlines at West City for their various efforts.

Next Thursday Club Night will still be on even though a lot of players will be away at the NZDC Nationals in Rotorua. 32 players attended this week as the good turnouts continue.

Jack Mitchell x 3; Mick Lacey x 2; Billm Johnson x 1; Geoff Koster x 1; Shaun Beardall x 1; Blair Hutchison x 1; Deon Toki x 1.
High Finishes:
Mason Ramsay 108; Geoff Koster 117; Steve Hanley 136.

Monday, July 28, 2014


Although 180s are a prestigious throw during a game they are reasonably common to see. The real holy grail in a game is a 9 darter which you might never see in person. Coming right after that is the holy grail of finishes, a 170. Although a 170 finish is far more common than a 9 darter they are still relatively rare to see in person.

Well the Star Player of the Week this week is Stephen "Cha Wee Wee" Holt who did hit a 170 finish in last Thursday's Club Night Singles. Stephen is with out a doubt one of the club stalwarts who does a lot of work behind the scenes and has done for years. People like Stephen deserve a big pat on the back along with a big 'thank you' because without people like him (and there are a few others) the club would just not function. And he does it all because he loves throwing arrows.

He is is a tough character to beat when he is on form so it wasn't a complete surprise when he told me he had hit a 170 finish. Stephen being who he is went on to say he had been playing "crap" even though he had hit the 170. I said "you didn't qualify then? (for the KO rounds)". He said "yes I qualified...". Maybe not playing so crap then Stephen ! ;)

Sunday, July 27, 2014

FLYER - Carlsberg Classic Glene Eden RSA

FLYER - Top Shot Singles

Saturday, July 26, 2014

RESULTS - Club Night Singles Thursday 24th July

After a few weeks away Thursday's Club Night saw the return of both Mick Lacey and Mike Day. Absent was Monte Tuhua and Dion Toki out of what I see as the top 4 in the club. However there are some new challengers coming through for that top 4. One is Blair Neverman who although he went out in the semi-finals is very very consistent at the moment... and good. Another is finalist Frank Riddell who is proving hard to beat when on his game. Add to that young Jack Mitchell who is only getting better the more he plays and just maybe the top 4 might not be so clear cut by the end of the year. All that said it was yet another victory for Mick Lacey in the final. Mick is probably the hardest person to play on clubnights because of his consistent high scoring, and that is also borne out by how many finals he has won this year. Special mention also goes to Stephen 'Cha Wee Wee' Holt who hit a 170 finish. Another good turn out with 42 players on the night.

Mick Lacey x 3; Stephen Holt x 2; Charles Shiers x1; Mike Radford x1; Anthony Benitez x 1; Blair Neverman x 1.
High Finishes:
Dean Faithfull 100; Blair Neverman 101; David Day 114; Lou Williams 147; STEPHEN HOLT "170"

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Neat trick shot

Here's a neat little trick shot from West City's new NZDC Youth Champion Jack Mitchell.

Monday, July 21, 2014


Well this week the "Star Player of the Week' is Sharmane Watters. One of the Juniors, Sharmane is a cheerful little player who stands knee high to a dartboard but she sure can throw. Last week she hit her first 180 (she's probably a good 40 years younger than when I hit my first !) and she is pictured here 'happy as' holding her 180 badge. Well done Sharmane, I'm sure there will be more 180s to follow this in the not to distant future. Go Girl !

Friday, July 18, 2014

RESULTS - Club Night Singles Thursday 17 July 2014

Another good turn out of 39 players despite a chilly night and a repeat of last weeks final with Monte Tuhua winning out against Blair Neverman again. Blair is proving quite formidable at the moment and maybe he can go one step further and win a final soon.

A notable mention was Junior Sharmane Watters hitting her first 180.

Sharmane Watters; Joseph Gallina; Mike Radford; Nathan Holt; Monte Tuhua; Dean Faithfull x 2; Geoff Koster x 2; Blair Neverman x2; Murray Chapman x 3

High Finishes:
Mike McLeod 129; Dean Webster 154; Mike Collett 167.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Before the efforts of the West City Junior and Youth players at the NZDC National Championships I had already picked out this week's 'Star Player of the Week'. It is West City's Frank Riddell. Scotsman Frank originally played a lot of his darts in the UK but had given it away for several years before deciding to pick them up again just this year.