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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Mick Lacey in the News and the NZ Super League

The NZ Super League starts on July 10th at Sky City Auckland and will be the first televised domestic New Zealand darts tournament, with the final being screened live on Sky TV.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

West City Darts

Looking for the club night results?
Check out

Dart Rivalries Day v Radford - Match III

You may have heard of the famous Mohammad Ali v George Foreman boxing match billed as the "Rumble in the Jungle", well Day v Radford III was billed as the "Rumble and the Bungle" - and it lived up to that billing! Thursday Club Night Singles saw me and Dave drawn together in the group qualifiers again. With this years progressive score at one game each this third meeting had come around quick and would give one of us bragging rights for at least a few weeks. The first leg was pretty one sided with Dave having a bounce out just about every third dart. Was he showing off trying to beat me with 2 darts every throw instead of 3? I raced down to a double and he was still well away but he had so many of his fancy flighted darts hit the floor it was like the oche was covered in confetti --- was I playing Dave at darts or was I best man at his wedding??? I was confused. I couldn't hit double 5 ! Bingo Dave's tactics had worked, he checked out. Dave 1 leg to nil.

The second leg was much the same. I was racing ahead. Dave steps up. Treble 20, 1, treble 20... hold on - your kidding. The third dart knocks out the first and instead of 121 Dave has scored 1 ! I start to experience a feeling I had never had on the oche before. I was about to wet myself... laughing ! I could feel an on-set of the giggles starting. "Hold it in Rocky". I wasn't going to let this bounce out tactic work for a second leg. I gathered my focus. Job done. 1 leg all.

It was fitting that the game was going to a deciding leg. But Dave shot out of the blocks with some power scoring, hitting some good trebles. He was looking the part... apart from his shirt that is, an old Auckland Blues rugby shirt. It was tighter than the decision between Kirwin and Umanga on who would be the new Blues coach (pardon me I had to laugh at that myself). I  started to look for signs that he may be cracking just like in game two a couple of weeks back. But no. There was no sign of his "beer belly shaking like a fresh trifle jelly" this time. In that tight shirt his belly had nowhere to go. It was then that I realised that this was his master tactic for the third leg. That shirt was creating the extra pressure on me that was proving the difference. I couldn't focus 100%. His shirt was mesmerising. It was soooooooooo tight that when I was stood behind him on the oche I could could see the outline of the hairs on his back... but no matter. He kept out-scoring me as well. He got down to a double and then faultered. I got to a double. It was a war of attrition... and then NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO !!!!! He hit his double. Dave was the winner 2-1. Well done Dave.

However both of us failed to qualify for the knockout rounds. I think we may be putting too much emphasis on this one game. It has become our final. Was it time to put this rivalry to bed? The winner was supposed to do this post, but I beat Dave to it (I have to beat him at something !). Day v Radford IV is surely just around the corner. Do you want to hear more next time? I doubt Dave wants me to write it up again...

Saturday, June 27, 2015

"CC" Master Class

Craig "CC" Caldwell took out both the Perth Masters Qualifier on Friday night and the Sydney Masters Qualifier tonight. On Friday he beat Rob Szabo in the final and in tonight's final he saw off the challenge from Cody Harris.
West City's Mike "Wino" Day lost to "CC" in the semi final despite leading 4-2 at the midway stage.
Thanks goes to the NZ TAB for the live streaming of these two events. And you could have had a bet on the outcome too to keep you interested. Hope there is more to come when the bigger events are on.

TAB Livestream - Sydney Masters Qualifiers

I believe this is being held at the Upper Hutt Cossie Club. The Livestream should start at around 7pm. West City's Mike Day should be playing Warren Parry at around 7.30pm which will be a tough test. Pay to check TAB website as above for times if you are interested. Last night they had the music and walk on girls, the whole enchilada !

Friday, June 26, 2015

TAB Live Stream of Perth Qualifiers

TAB Live stream of Perth Qualifiers on now here...

Friday, June 19, 2015

Results from Thursday nights Club night

40 Players entered Thursday Nights Singles with 23 progressing to the Knockout stage.

more to follow

Blair Chrisianson
  Mark Drew
Mark Drew    
Steve Hanley
Luoxs Busby    
  Steve Hanley    
Steve Hanley  
Mike Day
Steve Desmond    
  Gary whyte    
Gary Whyte      
Mike Day    
Mike Day    
  Mike Day    
Dean Webster  
Mike Day
Carlos McKinley  
  Carlos McKinley  
Charlie Shiers    
Carlos McKinlay  
Steve McKinley      
  Jim Hennah      
Jim Hennah    
Frank Riddell  
Lloyd Watters  
  Lloyd Watters  
Coen Humby    
Frank Riddell  
Joseph Gallina  
  Frank Riddell  
Frank Riddell  

Friday, June 12, 2015

Results from Thursday 11th June

34 Players entered Thursday nights club singles.

19 players qualified for the knockout stages including 2 new players to the club Ronnie Masters and Luoxs Busby.

Ronnie and Luoxs had been playing at home in their garage and wanted to see how well they were playing. Both played very well with Luoxs advancing to the semi final.

Its always good to see new players at the club.

In the semi finals Mike defeated Luoxs and Matk Drew defeated Gary. Whyte

Update Results
Blair Christiansen
  Mike Day
Mike Day    
Mike Day
Geoff Koster    
  Geoff Koster    
Dave Curreen  
Mike Day  
Colleen Curreen    
  Steve Hanley    
Steve Hanley      
Luoxs Busby    
Ronnie Marsters    
  Luoxs Busby    
Luoxs Busby  
Mike Day  
Lou Williams  
  Jack Mitchell  
Jack Mitchell    
Mark Drew  
Mark Drew      
  Mark Drew      
Mike Radford    
Mark Drew  
Gary Whyte  
  Gary Whyte  
Pat O'Connell    
Gary Whyte  
Stephen Holt   
Stephen Holt  
Carlos McKinlay  

Saturday, June 6, 2015

West City Dart Rivalries...

Some sports rivalries are so intense that when the two opponents meet the very clash itself transcends the bigger title that both maybe involved in - All Blacks V Springbox, Manchester United v Liverpool, Tiger Woods v Phil Mickelson, Muhammed Ali v Joe Frazier. At West City there is a year long fight for the top spot in the club based on the weekly club night results but aside from that there is one particular rivalry that is starting to be keenly anticipated for the next time they meet... and that clash is "Dangerous" David Day v Mike "Rocky" Radford (yours truly).

We have clashed once so far this year and "Dangerous" well and truly played me off the board. 1-0 to Dave. This week we met for the second time in the group stage of the club night singles (top 3 qualify for the knockout rounds). Also in the "Group of Death" were Mike "Super" Day (Dave's Old Man), "One 180" Maddy, Colleen "Killer" Curreen and "VaVaVoom" Veta plus David and myself. Second game up was me and David. This would set the tone for the night, lose this and you would have to fight hard in the rest of your games just to qualify.

After weeks of trash talk between us it was bully up time, GAME ON ! This clash of titans got to both of us though, 41s, 22s, 45s all over the place. My stomach was churning. Was it Dave getting to me or the dodgy takeaway vindaloo I had for dinner??? Dave was struggling just as much as me and his but cheeks must have been like a vice grip, tight enough to use to pull the points out of my darts except I'd changed them already during the week. When we got to a double Dave couldn't hit jack and I left myself on 15 only to hit the double 19 when going for a single 7 not once but twice. I was nervous for sure. Was Dave? I looked over. His beer belly was shaking like a fresh trifle jelly. He was just as nervous... for sure. It spurred me on and I finally nailed double 4. 1 leg to 0 me.

Leg 2: More 41s and 45s and the occasional 81, this was "power" scoring ! We finally get to a double. Dave's on double 1 I'm on 5 and I can't hit a single 1 to leave myself double 2! I can't let Dave back into the game. I can't let this go to 3 legs, I'm a bag of nerves. I have to steel myself mentally before Dave checks out. All of a sudden it comes to me... why Dave can't focus ! He can't check out because everytime he thinks of a 'double' he is picturing one of the new big fat juicy KFC 'Double' Downs (you gotta try one!) not a dart board 'double'. He's all over the place... he's a mental mess. Bamm, I'm focused, double 2 bingo ! I win 2 legs to nil, 2-0, 2-zip, 2-nada, 2-zero, 2-jack !!!

David "Double Down" Day is gracious in defeat. We shake hands and he smiles... or is the smile actually the missing piece of lettuce from his pre-game protein meal of Cheeseburger and Chips still stuck in his beard ? Whatever. It was an intense game and why we keep coming down to West City Darts every week. We both can't wait for the next time we are drawn together. Its 1-1 for the year so the next clash will be epic. The legend of this rivalry is growing... at least in our own minds !

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Frank at west city club night

Calrsberg Classic

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

NZ Super League Darts Coming Soon

Mick Lacey joins NZ's Super League.

NZ's leading dart players will meet at the SKYCITY Convention Centre for four nights over July and August. They'll do battle and go head to head to be crowned the king of New Zealand darts.
 The Players are:
Peter "Stumpy" Hunt, Rob "The Hurricane" Szabo,
Craig "CC" Caldwell, Jonathan "Jono" Silcock, Warren "Waza" Parry
Cody "Codesta" Harris and Mick "The Lone Wolf" Lacey


Night One: Friday 10th July
Night Two: Friday 17th July
Night Three: Saturday 18th July
Finals: Saturday 1st August

So grab your mates, get dressed up and get ready for arrow time.

Ken Moir takes out latest West City Club Night Singles.

Ken Moir defeated Geoff Koster in the West City Club Night Singles played on Thursday night.
41 Players entered and 23 progressed to the knockout stage.

In the semis Ken defeated the Frank Riddell and Geoff defeated Mark Drew.

Frank Riddell and Mark Drew are two of the most consistent players in the club and are presently sitting in 7th and 9th in the club rankings.

Quarter finalists were:
Charles Shiers, Mike Day, Stephen Holt, David Day

Joseph Gallina, Dave Curreen, Stacey Heavey, Mike Radford, Mark Drew and Ken Moir

High Finishes
Ken Moir 106, 140; Blair Neverman 110; Geoff Koster 129

Friday, May 15, 2015

Club Night Results, Thursday 14/05/15

30 players entered last nights event. As a change we moved away from normal 501 games with the winner of the bull having the choice of playing Cricket, Killer or 501.
Surprisingly the majority of players chose 501.
In the games of Killer and Cricket there were a number of upsets which caused a bit of excitement.
One game of cricket saw one of our juniors, Bella England defeat one of West Citys top players Geoff Koster.
Bella restricted Geoff to just a couple of scoring turns hitting the bulls eye with ease. Well done Bella.
16 players qualified for the knockout stages.

Stacey Heavy, Nathan Holt, Steve Hanley, Frank Riddell

100+ Finishes
Steve McKinlay 100, Steve Hanley 112, Nathan Holt 118, Mike Day 115-125

Wednesday, May 13, 2015


At the request of a number of club members we are having a fun night of darts this Thursday.
Games of Killer or Cricket to replace 501.

Anyone is welcome to come along and play.
Entries in by 7.20pm with games commencing at 7.30
$5.00 entry fee

Bar and kitchen open for ford and refreshments.

West City Darts Association
103 Glen Road

Friday, May 8, 2015

Dave Curreen takes out latest Club night singles event, 7/5/15

Dave Curreen has defeated Ken Moir in the final of the latest club-night singles.
41 players entered and 24 advanced to the knockout stages.
There were a number of very close games throughout the night especially the quarter-finals and semi-final games.

Along the way to the win Dave had to defeat Heemi Johnson, Gary Whyte, Mike Buttar and Ken Moir.

In the semi finals Ken Moir defeated Mike Day and Dave defeated Mike Buttar.

Ken Moir  x 3, Mike Day, Dave Curreen x 2, Jack Mitchell  x 3, Mike Mcleod, Joseph Gallina, Gary Whyte, Heemi Johnson  x 2, Mike Buttar  x 2, David Day,

High Finishes
Jim Hennah 102, Mike Day 105, Veta Arona 104, Heemi Johnson 106, Blair Nevernan 106

Friday, May 1, 2015

Results for Club night 30th April 2015

37 players contested the latest Club Night Singles event with 19 players qualifying for the knockout stages.

The semi finals saw Ken Moir defeat Blair Hutchinson and Mike Day defeat Nathan Holt.
Mike defeated Ken in the final.

The club night singles events are an open event with ladies and youth players playing against the men.

Often this can lead to one sided affairs, however the ever consistent Colleen Curreen again proved she is as good as any player, qualifying with ease before going out in the quarter final.

Ken Moir, Charles Shiers (2), Heemi Johnson (2), Geoff Koster, Blair Hutchinson (2)
Colin Parker, Blair Christiansen, Dean Webster, Mike Buttar, Mike Day, Dave Curreen.
High finishes
Loretta Hunter 106, Blair Hutchinson 122, Jim Hennah 140, Mark Drew 108, Mike Day 102, 136.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Jack Mitchell takes out latest Club night Singles.

31 Players entered Thursdays Club night Singles. 17 Players qualified for the knockout stage.
The semi finals saw Gary Whyte defeat Dave Curreen and Jack Mitchell defeat Stephen Holt.
In the final Jack Mitchell defeated Gary Whyte.

Last 8 Players

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Region 2 Teams confirmed

Sunday 19th April saw the Men and Ladies from the Auckland region battle it out in a full round robin to make the Region 2  team to compete in the NZ championships in August.

The Ladies team is
Tina Osbourne, Peggy Wikaira, Ngapine, Nga Wikaira, TJ, Loretta Hunter, Sandra and Malia Ioana.

The Mens team is
Cody Harris, Sonny Harris, Andre Albertyn, Deon Toki, Troy Henderson, Heemi Johnson, Ken Moir, Robert Grant, Chris Robson, and Mike Day

Congratulations to all players

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Westcity Players to compete in Auckland Region2 playoff this unday

Congratulation to the following West City players who will compete this Sunday in the Auckland Region playoff to compete at the NZDC darts championships.

Tina Osborne, Peggy Wikaira, Loretta Hunter, Stacey Heavey, Rita Wells, colleen Curreen, Billie Johnson and Linda Tomkins.

Ken Moir, Troy Henderson, Gordon Comrie, Mike Day, Heemi Johnson, Steve Hanley, Stephen Holt, Dave Curreen. Reserves Geoff Koster and Carlos McKinlay.

Good luck to all players